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Waxing Poetic


One of my favorite Celtic stories tells of a man named Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Here is how I tell it to my own elflings…

“A long time ago in Ireland, there lived a young man named Fionn Mac Cumhaill. He was an eager, clever and sometimes clumsy student to a powerful Druid named Finnegeas. For many years Finnegeas had fished the River Boyne in hopes of catching the Salmon of Wisdom. Eating from it would make him even more wise! How can a fish make you wise you ask? It is so because the fish keep the secrets of all the birds and the whisperings of each of the four winds. One day Finnegeas actually did catch the magical silver fish, and as it cooked, he left Fionn Mac Cumhaill to tend the fire while he searched for roots and berries. While Finnegeas was away, Fionn saw a blister rise up on the skin of the fish. As he reached out to touch it, the fish whispered: “No! You musn’t touch me or eat me! I am for Finnegeas to eat from first.” Fionn was hasty and lacking in common sense, so he scoffed, popped the blister, and burned his thumb. The sharp pain from the burn caused Fionn to pop his thumb into his mouth. Did you know there was a tiny piece of the Salmon of Wisdom on it? There was! Suddenly, as though a wonderous light is turned on inside Fionn, he is filled with more wisdom, sense and clarity than he had ever read about, and can be called on by Fionn at any time by simply sucking his thumb. Sadly, the prize from the Salmon of Wisdom did not go to its intended, Finnegeas, but to Fionn. I can promise you that he used it on many occasions throughout his life… but that is another story.”

~ As Re-told by Oak an’ Willow, Denise Michelle, April 2011

Here is a knit-up pair of Fingerless Gauntlets in the gorgeous interpretation in fiber by the ever-amazing artist, Morwenna, of Mosiac Moon. TDF!

Salmon of Wisdom Fingerless Gauntlets in Gaia Organic Merino