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February Customs – Complete


I love these Longies! They are as follows, all on MMR:

  • MM “Wicked” Longies – Toddler
  • MM “Goblin” Longies – Large
  • MM “Norwegian Nature” Longies – Medium


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February 2012 Customs – WIPs


A couple of Customs I’m working on…

MM “Wicked” Longies – Size Toddler; MM “Goblin” Longies – Size Large; MM “Norwegian Nature” Longies – Size Medium.

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It’s Tuesday already??


I’d wanted to get things posted by Sunday, but things didn’t work that way. /facepalm

The MM “Timelord” Longies are sooooo soft! I really hope you love them, Mama. =0)

I finished a X-Stitched t-shirt blank I started forever ago.

Finished one of many Hats… RR, I have your Sets almost complete. =0)

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Beginning of Month Update


Currently working on the following customs:

~ an adorable pair of Longies in the “Timelord” colorway on MMR;
~ Tasseled Hats & Gauntlets in 3 colorways (After School Sweets, Blue Goblin, and Coastal Sunset) on Gaia WW;
~ Tasseled Hat and Gauntlets in “Red Ming” on Gaia WW;
~ Skull Cap in “Red” on LT;
~ a few items for my Elflings =0)

Photos to follow this weekend.