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Scraps Hoodie


At the end of October, I was approached by a very dear and sweet Mama to make a “Scrappy Hoodie” sweater for her LO. I was honored that she asked me, and jumped at the chance to knit-up a sweater for her.

The Hoodie would be comprised of 4 different colorways: Seaglass, Yggdrasil, Turning Leaves and Elements. All are colorways by the impecable artisan Morwenna of Mosaic Moon™.

I was challenged by the Hoodie. In many ways. Initially, I had 2 different patterns that I contemplated using. One was suggested by my client, and the other was a pattern I’d discovered while searching Ravelry. Ultimately, I combined the two to achieve a starting point, and the rest evolved pretty organically. It only took 4 skeins of wool to create a gorgeous work of art. =0)

I’m super-thrilled with the way it turned out! I’m building a stash of yarn to make one for each of my youngest Elflings… *quietly does the math in her head* …only 12 skeins and loads of knitting to go!

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