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Christmas Custom 2


I made this Liath Macha pair in Toddler for a super-sweet Mama. Liath Macha is a new favorite colorway for me. I love it!

A long time ago in Ireland, there was a hero named Cúchulainn. He rode a chariot pulled by two awesome horses: Liath Macha (“grey of Macha”) and Dub Sainglend (“black of Saingliu”). It’s a bit of a mystery who gave the great horses to Cúchulainn, but it might have been either Macha herself, or her sister, Morrigan.

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Longies Customs


I fell in love with the Mosaic Moon colorway “All Hallows” all over again with this Custom. =0)

And a pair of Morrigan Capris…

Morrigan Capris - Size 6

I snapped a shot with one of my elflings to check sizing for a 6-year old. ;0)

Morrigan capris - Size 6

Summer Customs… bringing Blog UTD


So much time has passed since my last update. For this, I apologize. This past summer has been wonderfully busy and filled with fun, sadly though, it did go by far too quickly.

I had the great fortune to create a few Sets of Fingerless Gauntlets and matching Hats for a sweet Mama.