Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose = Pickles


I just wanted to share my “Pickling Adventure” from last week…

My elflings talked me into an organic seedless watermelon last week, and although I struggle with those things that travel from CA and TX to get to me in Calgary, Canada, it felt good to splurge!

We thouroughly enjoyed the watermelon! I serve it with the rinds all cut off to minimize waste, and knew the rinds would be destined to my compost, but the big pile seemed like it still had potential. I got to thinking… and decided that since melons and cucumbers were in the same fruit family, I would pickle them! So I cut off the green “skin” and prepared them for pickling in a salt-soak for 24 hours. The next day I noticed I had zero canning jars… But I did have some old pickle jars and salsa jars. VIOLA! Repurposed rinds AND jars!

Total organic ingredients, too, aside from the vinegar =0)

pickled watermelon rind

Organic Pickled Watermelon


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