Diversification @ Oak an’ Willow


As some of you may know, I have an elfling who is nearing her maidenhood. I have been very laid-back about building her a stash of gorgeous cloth pads. Mostly it’s because I’m trying to avoid the inevitable, and stubbornly deny that my baby is actually growing up. Foolish really. She is super-keen to use cloth, so we’ve been going through my fabric stash and picking out her favorites. We’ve also dyed some yummy OBV & OCV (organic bamboo velour & organic cotton velour) in blues and purples of her choosing. Unfortunately, we’ve had to throw the brakes on finishing them… I’m missing my socket shank from my KAM Snap Press. *growls* The good news: I was able to order a whole new set from The Snap Store.

Maybe this is life’s way of saying “take it easy” to us. We get so excited! The consolation is that we are moving in the right direction, which is all we can ask.

On that note, watch closely for Cloth Mama & Maiden Pads to launch @ Oak an’ Willow. =0)


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